Granulated Lightweight Grey Roof Tiles

Photo of our granulated lightweight grey roof tiles system by Lightweight Tiles Ltd

Our range of Granulated Lightweight Grey roof tiles are perfect for any replacement roofs.  The tiles interlock giving a strong watertight seal against the British elements.

This roofing system has 5 supporting component elements giving you a water-tight roof, which looks professional. They are: The roof Ridge Tile, Ridge End Caps, Left Verge Cover and Right Verge Cover.

Helpful Info | Granulated Lightweight Grey roof tiles:

  • 3 granulated lightweight grey roof tiles, covers a 1 metre square
  • The roof tiles come with a 25-year guarantee
  • Tiles are quick and easy to install
  • Previous Roofing experience is not essential.

Please note: Colours can vary slightly from the online image. So, if you want to check a colour prior to buying? We suggest ordering a sample pack and click here for our installation guidelines.

We are currently working on a 5-7 day lead time for all granulated products from date of order.


Photo of a roof using Granulated Lightweight Grey roof tiles by Lightweight Tiles Ltd

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