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Work out how many tiles you need for your roof conversion

Quality British made lightweight roofing tiles for DIY roofing or trade

Quality British made lightweight roofing tiles for DIY roofing or trade. Not only are our lightweight roofing tiles very light and strong, but they are also simple to fit on a wide range of roofs. Our lightweight tiles are easy to saw and cut and with just some batons, a drill, a screwdriver and a handful of screws, you can completely renew your roof in just a couple of hours.

We manufacture and distribute our own low pitch roofing products (recommended for roof pitches of 10º and above) to the highest standard, and pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our recycled roofing tiles are made here in the UK by our family run business, and we have been producing and distributing our roofing system for many years throughout the UK and Europe.

Our lightweight roofing tiles are made from a mix of a top blended quality virgin polypropylene and recycled polypropylene, they can also be recycled, making them a brilliant, eco-friendly option.  All our tiles are guaranteed for 25 years.

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Why use our roofing tiles?

  • Quick and Easy to Install
    Our tiles are easy to saw and cut, with just some battens, a drill, a screwdriver and a handful of screws, you can transform your roof in a couple of hours. See our Install Guide.
  • Eco Friendly
    We not only use recycled materials in our manufacturing process but our tiles can also be recycled at the end of their life. The base of our tile is produced using among other things, recycled nappies!
  • Incredibly Tough
    Our tiles are made from a polymer which is incredibly hard wearing and flexible and therefore won't dent.
  • Ultra Lightweight
    Our tiles are incredibly light, at only 6 kg per Square Meter!
  • Made In The UK
    All our tiles are manufactured at our factory in Lydney, in the Forest of Dean and we deliver them throughout the UK.
  • Guaranteed
    All our tiles have a 25 year guarantee!

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Garage Roof Replacement | By Lightweight Tiles

This was the first time we had used these tiles. The delivery arrived as promised.The project was to re roof a lean-to extension. The whole job went very well,the tiles fitted easily and the job was completed in one weekend.
Next job is a double garage roof and again we will use Lightweight Tiles.

- Sean B , Mitcham

Shed Roof Replacement | By Lightweight Tiles

We wanted a covered patio area and discovered the website. The tiles are light and were put up in just a few hours compared with a couple of days for concrete tiles. The infrastructure is a lot lighter and the whole project was completed far quicker than if we had used conventional tiles.

Result, very noticeable reduction in solar heating on sunny days, retains heat better when heated on cool days, and is much quieter, rain and road noise greatly reduced. Had a bit of a struggle with the Ubiflex, found it to be ‘floppier’ than traditional lead, more difficult to feed a long length into slot cut in mortar. Once in place, Ubiflex sealants worked well, and it was easy to mould the flashing to fit the tiles.

- Richard Pitman , Worcester

Our Customers Conservatory Roof Conversions

After coming across your product on eBay we then made an enquiry directly with your office.

I'd like to say, how fantastic and pleased I am with my new lightweight conservatory roof purchased from you.

We have insulated the roof with 50mm Kingspan inside and out, which has vastly improved its usability in cold weather (and I would think in hot weather also), and also made it much more visually appealing to the eye.

Thank you for your prompt service and delivery for a top class product.

- Peter D. , Leeds

Our Customers Other Outside Building Roof Conversions

I had to increase the pitch as it was insufficient for water to run off of the tiles, I built a rise of additional 15 degrees onto the small pitch already on the triple walled roof. This was taking the front edge to rise to 200mm at the back, then flasbanded and bonded to the roof tile. The customer found that the conservatory wasn't useful to them before and this has made it into a additional room, with a bed settee as a guest room. The customer was absolutely thrilled with the transformation, and I was pleased with a trouble free installation.

- Mr Sharp , Morecambe

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Work out how many tiles you need for your roof conversion

Hi, please see photos of the transformation of my garage, using lightweight tiles. My house was built in the 1930s, when the building standards were not as stringent as today’s. The garage was literally in a state of collapse, due to the sheer weight of the roof, spreading the walls apart.
I discovered your product online and it was the perfect answer to the problem.
I didn’t employ a bricklayer; my brother-in-law and I carried out all the work and I’m extremely happy with the result.
The reduction in weight, compared to conventional tile, solves the problem of the walls being put under stress and I’m sure that the new roof will last for a long time to come.
The service that I got from your company was amazing, especially so, as we were in the middle of the Pandemic. I particularly want to thank Susan, for super customer service, when so many companies seem unable to function normally, due to the Pandemic.

- Bill , Greater Manchester