Safety Fire Testing for Roof Coverings

LightWeight Tiles products have all been subjected to a fire test of roof coverings and the outcome was a categorisation of EXT S.AC. For more information please view the full report.

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Warm Conservatory Roof Replacement - They Are Perfect For Winter Snow

"Warm Conservatory Roof Replacement - They Are Perfect For Winter Snow" Having a Lightweight Roof on your Conservatory is perfect for maintaining the temperature all year round but especially in...

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Low Pitch Roof

Our Tiles are suitable from a recommended minimum pitch of as low as 10 degrees.

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*NEW* Updated Installation Guidelines

So from time to time we have customers give us feedback about installing our tiles.

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We wanted a covered patio area and discovered the website. The tiles are light and were put up in just a few hours compared with a couple of days for concrete tiles. The infrastructure is a lot lighter and the whole project was completed far quicker than if we had used conventional tiles.

Result, very noticeable reduction in solar heating on sunny days, retains heat better when heated on cool days, and is much quieter, rain and road noise greatly reduced. Had a bit of a struggle with the Ubiflex, found it to be ‘floppier’ than traditional lead, more difficult to feed a long length into slot cut in mortar. Once in place, Ubiflex sealants worked well, and it was easy to mould the flashing to fit the tiles.

- Richard Pitman , Worcester

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