Natural Lighting with LightWeight Tiles

Brown Conservatory MMT inside 2

We have had a few people mention that the natural lighting is being lost when using LightWeight tiles...This is not the case. 

Our tiles can be used and still have as much natural light as any other conservatory roof :) 

Brown Conservatory MMT inside 1






As you can see from the above images lights have been fitted but can you see how much natural light is still coming even with those lights turned off? 

No sky light windows have been fitted to allow for extra lighting. 


These images were also taken on a not so good day and still the lighting is amazing in the conservatory. Don't you agree?? 

The materials a joy to work with, so long as you adhere to the fitting instructions on small planets website you can not go wrong. The tiles slot together effortlessly. And the overall finished job looks stunning. Shortly after I had finished the job the heavens opened with hail stones. I was stood in the conservatory and barely heard a thing. Thank you to all personal whom I spoke to when purchasing the materials. You were all very helpful. Looking forward to summer now in our transformed conservatory!

- Steven J

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