Guaranteed LightWeight Roofing

Guaranteed Lightweight Roofing.

We are so confident in the durability of our lightweight roofing tiles, they are guaranteed for 25 years. Below we have included an example of the guarantee that we provide with all our lightweight roofing tiles, that you can use for conservatory roof replacements, shed roof replacements and garage roof replacements.

PLEASE NOTE, this page is for reference only and by itself is not a legal document.

Light Weight Tiles Limited (LWT) warrants to the Property Owner named above (“Owner”) that the roofing products supplied will be free from manufacturing defects and will under normal conditions for a period of 25 years from date of purchase (“the Guarantee Period”) remain watertight.

Any aesthetic deterioration over time which does not affect the durability of the products is not considered to be a defect and is not covered by this Guarantee.

The term “free from manufacturing defects” does not include industry recognised anomalies.

The Owner should be aware that many things may affect the durability of the products.

This Guarantee is intended to provide the owner with a level of comfort that LWT properly manufactured the products so that they will perform as specified.

In the event of damage caused by winds over 50mph or hail during the Guarantee Period, before any claim will be accepted, the owner must pursue the cost of replacement or repair of damaged material through any applicable insurance.

The Owner shall bear complete responsibility for establishing to LWT’s reasonable satisfaction the number of square metres involved in any claim, the ultimate determination of which shall be made solely by LWT. LWT may require that the Owner allow an inspection to determine both the nature of the defect, if any, and the size of the affected area.

This Guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

  1. This Guarantee expressly excludes any failure, defect or damage caused by situations and events beyond the control of LWT, including any misuse, abuse, neglect, improper handling or storage, failure to follow LWT’s installation instructions and guidelines.
  2. This Guarantee expressly excludes any damage resulting from fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, hurricane, tornado, vandalism, explosion, riot, acts of war or other casualty or act of God.
  3. This Guarantee does not cover discoloration or staining due to shading or sap from trees, bushes, or plants or ash from chimneys. Likewise, discoloration caused by proximity of the products to copper, zinc or any other metal that might discolour will not be covered.
  4. This Guarantee does not cover any damage caused by insects, animals, algae or moss or any damage done by chemicals, paints or other solvents.
  5. This Guarantee expressly excludes damage resulting from any non‐traditional roof applications or any failure to meet local building regulations. It is the Owner’s responsibility to ensure there is necessary, adequate and balanced ventilation in the space below the roof on which the products are installed.
  6. This Guarantee does not cover damage resulting from heat sources such as furnaces or air conditioners located in the space below the roof on which the products are installed.
  7. This Guarantee does not cover damage resulting from drainage issues or roof slopes which are contrary to and inconsistent with LWT’s installation instructions and specifications.
  8. This Guarantee does not cover damage resulting from installation of the product in temperatures less than 0°C.
  9. This Guarantee does not cover damage done while accessing the roof for construction, maintenance, or repair activities involving such items as chimneys, ventilation systems, satellite dishes etc.
  10. This Guarantee does not cover any damage caused by extreme temperatures of below -5° c and above 30° c.
  11. Any repair or replacement panels may have a gloss or colour difference due to normal weathering and such difference is not considered defective.
  12. LWT reserves the right to discontinue any colour at any time.
  13. In the event of any claim made from the date of purchase, LWT will only be responsible for the following:

Granulated Tiles 

  • 0-10 years = full replacement 
  • 10 -15years = 50% exc vat cost towards replacement tiles 
  • 15 -25years = 25% exc vat cost towards replacement tiles 

 Smooth/Budget Tiles 

  • 0 -10years = full replacement 
  • 10 - 15years = 50% exc cost towards replacement tiles 
  • 15 - 25years = 25% exc cost towards replacement tiles 
  1. LWT’s liability whether in contract, tort, under any warranty, in negligence or otherwise shall not exceed the purchase price of the product.
  2. Under no circumstances shall LWT be liable for any direct or indirect consequential loss or damage. 
  3. Any labour and delivery costs incurred are not covered by LWT. 

This Guarantee is effective from the day of purchase and supersedes all previously distributed versions of this Guarantee.

Owner Responsibilities

The Owner must make any claim under this Guarantee in writing within 60 days after the Owner discovers or should have reasonably discovered the defect and provide proof of the date of purchase. The Owner must give LWT a reasonable opportunity to inspect any defect.

All claims and notifications should be sent to: Mr Bruce Bennett Light Weight Tiles Limited, Unit 138 Lydney Harbour Estate, Harbour Road, Lydney, Gloucestershire GL15 4EJ.

The Owner may be required to submit a sample of any defective material to LWT for analysis. LWT will then investigate the claim and examine the material claimed to be defective. If LWT accept a claim under this Guarantee, LWT will within a reasonable amount of time after the inspection satisfy its obligations under this Guarantee.

This Guarantee shall be null and void if in the sole judgment of LWT any of the following shall occur:

  1. The product is not installed in strict accordance with LWT specifications and installation instructions.
  2. If, after installation of the product, there are any alterations or repairs made without first obtaining written approval from LWT.
  3. Failure of the Owner to use reasonable care in maintaining the product.
  4. The Owner fails to comply with every term and condition stated in this Guarantee.

This guarantee becomes effective at the date of purchase (or the date of delivery if this is later).

The Owner or any subsequent property owner must provide proof of delivery / purchase before any work can be carried out on under this Guarantee. Please note that without this proof any work carried out will be chargeable.

This Guarantee may be assigned to a new property owner.

This Guarantee provides benefits which are additional to and do not affect the Owner’s statutory rights as a consumer.

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