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Do you have a weight issue with your roofing tiles?

Before after weight issue

Do you have a weight issue with your roofing tiles? 

If your roof bows from the strain of your existing roof tiles, why not convert it using our LightWeight Tiles. 

Our Tiles only weigh 6kg per meter square and are plastic made from recycled polymer, to the highest standard, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

Using our tiles will give you the chance to use your room all year round. Keeping it cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter. 

There is no need to remove your existing roof as with our tiles being only 6kgs per meter square you can place them over the top of the existing roof without causing any further weight issues. This can be seen in our blog "How our tiles can be placed over the top of your existing roof". 

With the availability of five different granulated colour tiles and two smooth colour tiles we can keep the tile colour as close to the original roof tile colour as possible please see our products. 

Why not contact us today to see if we can help you with your roofing weight issue. 






They look good and so far have resisted all the elements including torrential rain and and gale force winds. We are delighted with the results. And many thanks to Bruce for his very helpful advice and guidance.

- Alan Swinscoe , Wigan

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