Anti Slip Panels

Anti Slip Panels

Why not stop those slippery surfaces with our anti SLIP panels?

Anti slip panels are one of the simplest, most cost effective ways of providing an anti slip surface in nearly any situation.

From decking, ramps and wooden stairs, to anywhere there is a danger of slipping.

The panels are easy to cut, and can be glued or drilled into place with very little mess.

And the best part? They are manufactured from recycled plastics, so not only are they light on your pocket, but easy on the environment too.


Anti Slip Panels

Anti Slip Panels

They are available in 5 different colours: 

Grey, Brown, Red, Green and Barley Straw. 

Anti Slip Panels

Anti Slip Panels

Each Anti Slip Panel measures: 122cm x 29.5cm 


All our Anti Slip Panels are hand finished to the highest standard with a stone granulate, colour of your choice. 

We have been selling these for many years now and they are becoming increasingly popular with our local councils. 


If you would like any more information regarding our anti slip panels please feel free to contact us


After coming across your product on eBay we then made an enquiry directly with your office.

I'd like to say, how fantastic and pleased I am with my new lightweight conservatory roof purchased from you.

We have insulated the roof with 50mm Kingspan inside and out, which has vastly improved its usability in cold weather (and I would think in hot weather also), and also made it much more visually appealing to the eye.

Thank you for your prompt service and delivery for a top class product.


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