LightWeight Tiled conservatory roof with a low pitch

Brown Lean to After MG

LightWeight Tiled conservatory roof with a low pitch.

Are you interested in adding a tiled conservatory roof but are concerned by your low roof pitch? Lightweight Tiles are suitable from a recommended minimum pitch of just 10°. They are therefore ideal for Low Pitched Conservatory Roofs.

In this blog I will include some before and after images of our recent customer jobs with conservatory roofs with a low pitch. 

Before and after images for a low pitch conservatory roof 


Brown Lean to Before MG

Brown Lean to After MG2

Brown Lean to After MG 2

Our tiles are LightWeight and easy to fix. 

The way in which our tiles interlock one another means that the water will run down and of them without sneaking into little gaps. 


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Really pleased, cheers.

- Steve

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