The finished internal look for LightWeight Tiles conservatory roofs

inside conservetory2

The finished internal look for LightWeight Tiles conservatory roofs.

More and more we have customers ask us "what do your customers do to finish the internal look of their conservatory?" 


Below you will see some images from our customers and what they have done to complete to renovation of their conservatory roofs. 

inside conservetory

conservetory project e

inside ceiling conservetory idea

The above images are a tongue and groove option. 


Other customers have applied ply wood with insulation. 

 Brown Gable inside PD

There are many options you can use and if you have any that you think would be helpful to other customers we would be most grateful for these images or tips :) 

 Here are a few images recently sent in to us by our latest approved installer to show us how he finished the inside of look of the conservatory roof he worked on. 

Brown inside5






I had to increase the pitch as it was insufficient for water to run off of the tiles, I built a rise of additional 15 degrees onto the small pitch already on the triple walled roof. This was taking the front edge to rise to 200mm at the back, then flasbanded and bonded to the roof tile. The customer found that the conservatory wasn't useful to them before and this has made it into a additional room, with a bed settee as a guest room. The customer was absolutely thrilled with the transformation, and I was pleased with a trouble free installation.

- Mr Sharp , Morecambe

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