The strength of our LightWeight Roofing Tiles

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The strength of our LightWeight Roofing Tiles

Are you looking for a durable tiles? Then Lightweight Tiles Ltd have the tiles for you!

Watch as these Lightweight Tiles go up against a 4 tonne forklift and come out unscathed. Showing you just how tough these Lightweight Tiles really are! It’s not every day you get to say your roofing tile can stand up to 4 tonnes of pressure is it?


I installed this product over an existing asbestos cement garage roof so needed something light but robust as we have lots of rain and trees. Can I say this is a fantastic product which was easy to install as an amateur (after conquering my dislike for clambering on roofs) and the finished roof is transformational and all support timbers show no excessive load bearings.

I am extremely pleased with the product and would recommend these tiles very highly.

- Vincent , Hindhead

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