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An insight to Lightweight Tiles Roofing System

An insight to Lightweight Tiles Roofing System.

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As every roof is different we can only provide Installation Guidelines which can be found in the downloads folder for DIY fitting but if there are any aspects you would like help with please get in touch. 

Lightweight Tiles Limited manufacture and distribute a lightweight roofing system and products made from recycled polymer, to the highest standard, and pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

Our tiles are made here in the UK by a family run business, and we have been producing and distributing our tiles for many years throughout Europe.

Perfect for converting flat roofs to pitched, pre-fabricated, over-roofing of asbestos and DIY projects.

Our tiles are handmade to create that unique textured finish. 

We also offer a smooth finished tile in our Budget Black or Smooth Terracotta Red tile. These have the same profile as our textured tiles. 

Lightweight Tiles has escalated and is thriving in today's market. Our tiles have a 25 year guarantee. Using our tiles makes that unbearable room usable again all year round. 

We have PRIDE and CONFIDENCE in each one of our products. 


The Lightweight Roofing System consists of:


Ridge Tiles 

Ridge Tile End Caps 

Left Hand Dry Verge 

Right Hand Dry Verge 

Eaves Guards

Plastic Coated Colour Coded Fixing Screws 


The accessories consist of: 

Ubiflex Bundle: Grey or Red 

Flexim Roof Putty: Brown or Black 

One of the good things with Lightweight Tiles is that you can choose what you want included in your roofing system, you don't need to buy the whole complete kit if you only need for example: Tiles, Dry verge and Fixing Screws. 

Key features and Benefits

  • UK based, family run business
  • 25 Year Guarantee on all Tiles
  • Ultra-Lightweight, 6 kg per square meter/ 5kg for the Ungranulated
  • Hand finished, high quality product
  • 3 tiles to a square meter (£34.71 per m2 granulated RRP £23.10 per m2 smooth)
  • Quick and easy dry fix installation directly onto battens
  • Can be installed over an existing roof covering, i.e. damaged felt
  • Installation on Roof Pitches as low as 10 degrees
  • No specialised cutting equipment required
  • Fully weather and UV resistant to -20 degrees C
  • Excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation
  • Extremely tough and durable (Can be walked on during installation without risk, forklifts have driven over them with little damage)
  • EU tested
  • Fire Rated
  • Eco-friendly, made from recycled virgin polypropylene and can be recycled at the end of their life also

We offer the one profile of tile but in multiple finishes. Our tiles are based on a Roman Pan Tile effect which weigh just 6 kg per square meter. There are 5 main components to our system, the Tile, the Ridge tile, the Ridge End Cap and Dry Verge in left and right hand formats. Our Natural Stone Granulated Tiles come in a range of colours:

Autumn Brown & Slate Grey being the 2 Best Sellers

Terracotta Red

Forest Green

Light Green

Barley Straw

There are 3 options for our Smooth, Ungranulated tiles, sometimes referred to as the Budget Tiles due to cheaper price tag:

Smooth Black

Smooth Terracotta Red

Opaque (To let natural light into buildings, ideal for car ports or used in conjunction with the black budget tiles N.B ONLY AVAILABLE IN TILE FORMAT)

An insight to Lightweight Tiles Roofing System video



An insight to Lightweight Tiles Roofing System video


An insight to Lightweight Tiles Roofing System video

An insight to Lightweight Tiles Roofing System video

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