Gazebo Roof Replacement at St Briavels Primary School

Our Managing Directors daughter pointed out (many many times) that her School’s Gazebo needed a roof replacement, and she was absolutely right.

We gave the school a choice of 5 tile colours and the Headteacher Mrs Helm, kids and teachers chose light green. 

So, during the Christmas Break in 2020 we found a local general builder - Wayne Pearl from Pearly’s Gates who kindly agreed to carry out this charitable project.   

It was decided that the best and fastest option was simply to install our lightweight roof tiles on top of the existing (leaking) roof structure.

The installation was a quick and simple operation, firstly laying a waterproof membrane, followed by screwing down the roofing batons and then installing the tiles.

The benefits of using our DIY product, are:  

  • Easy to cut into shape and interlock into place.
  • Only a disk cutter and electric screwdriver needed.
  • Ideal for a low pitch roof
  • Resistant to 100 mph winds
  • 25 years guarantee
  • Fabulous end-result

Now, St Briavels Primary school has a gazebo which offers shelter from the rain at playtime. Shelter from the Sun in the summer. And a usable space for outdoor classes during this difficult pandemic. Lightweight Tiles Ltd truly hope that the children enjoy using this space.

To know more about our product range and uses, visit our website or contact the office.

Some lovely Letters from the Children at St Briavels School

letter 2letter 6

 letter 4

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