Due to the current situation, Lightweight Tiles are regrettably ceasing manufacture temporarily and any new orders will not be dispatched until after the 20th April 2020 at the earliest.

Thank you for your support and if you have any queries, please contact us on [email protected] as the office will be remaining open on reduced hours.

LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers

LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers

LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers which you will find helpful. 


LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers

LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers


We are constantly looking at ways of improving our low pitch LightWeight Roofing System. We are delighted to offer our specially made foam gap filler. Our foam gap fillers are a just as unique as our Plastic LightWeight Roofing System as it is specially manufactured to our tile. 

We have developed this simple solution so as to offer an addition to the current roofing putty (Flexim)

The foam gap filler is sold in pairs of strips, covering the length of each tile (118cm)

These foam strips are formed to the exact top and bottom profiles of each tile.


Each pair consists of two strips, the first strip will fix (by means of self-adhesive tape) along the lower lip along the bottom of the ridge tile.

As one screws the ridge tiles down the moulded profile fits perfectly to form a snug firm seal. This product effectively hides the gap and makes a weather proof seal.


In some cases where the final tile fits onto the last baton (closest to the gutter/facia) there is a gap to be considered .

That’s where the second strip comes in!

It simply fits under the tile, to hide the exposed baton and gap, again making an effective weather proof seal.

It also has a self-adhesive tape to help keep the strip in place whilst the tile is screwed into place.


Our foam gap filler like the rest of our light weight roofing system is extremely easy to work with, and of course can be cut very easily with either scissors or a Stanley knife .

Its available as an accessory on our eCommerce site. 


LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers

LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers


Since our launch of our new foam fillers, we have had a customer purchase these with a shed bundle package. He was happy to take some images of the installation of the foam fillers for us. I have put together all the images to create a slideshow. 

LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers


Thank you to LightWeight Tiles in Lydney my dream is heading to reality. After buying a garden room with my share of inheritance money after losing my mother. I was so upset at the quality I was distraught. Lightweight tiles came to the rescue. Not only did the team in the office – Susan and Carol help us with the estimate and order, but we were shown how the tiles are produced and got to meet the whole team, who were really informative and helpful.
As a bonus Charlie and Josh even spent a couple of evenings after work putting the tiles on for me. The glazing is almost complete, and it is so lovely and warm that I can’t wait to spend more of my time relaxing inside, remembering my Mum in a lovely environment. Thank you so much

- Bet C. , Lydney

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