Due to the current situation, Lightweight Tiles are regrettably closing our factory on a temporary basis. New orders can still be made online but will not be dispatched until after the 20th April 2020 at the earliest.

Thank you for your support and if you have any urgent queries, please contact us on [email protected] 

*NEW* Updated Installation Guidelines

Updated Installation Guidelines  JPEG

*NEW* Updated Installation Guidelines

So, from time to time we have customers give us feedback about installing our tiles. 

We appreciate the feedback as it means we can update our Installation Guidelines  the best we can. 

As we don’t install our lightweight roofing system ourselves it can sometimes be hard to advice our customers the best way to do something, therefore it is critical to us as a company to have as much feedback about installing our products as possible.

Our production team have installed our tiles themselves on our shed in our factory, so they have some knowledge about the installation process, so if you have a question and the ladies in the office may not know the answer, there is usually someone that will. We work as a team here so we all like to help each other with any questions others cannot answer.

We have the knowledge needed for installing our tiles so can answer many of your questions.

As everyone is different, some people may find an alternative way of doing something that we may not have thought about doing ourselves. For example, one of our approved installers have completed a job for us over the top of the existing customers roof. They started with fixing ply wood first then the recommended battens then fixing our tiles down, another approved installer does it differently, the way the other installer does the installation is by fixing battens straight to the polycarbonate roof trusses and then fixing our lightweight tiles straight to the battens. This also saves a bit more time and money for the installation process.  


You as the customer may find an easier way or a different way to do something which may benefit the next customer. 



If you have any more feedback that you may think others will find useful when installing our products please feel free to contact us with these and we can amend the guidelines accordingly.  




Updated Installation Guidelines

Updated Installation Guidelines

Updated Installation Guidelines

Updated Installation Guidelines


Good Evening.
I thought you might like to see some of the sheds in my garden that have been re-roofed with your lightweight tiles. In some of the pictures, you can see how use has been made of your eaves guard as a sill for the glazing units.
You have a first class product and I would recommend it, At 75 years old I was able to re-roof all of the sheds my self as they are so light and easy to use. As you can see there is one more shed to be done, and with a few leftovers from the other sheds, I was able to make a shelter for the robo mower!
A pleasure to do business with you all.

- David.P. , Gloucestershire

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