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Our tiles can be used over the top of your existing conservatory roof. This means you don't have to spend hours removing your glass. 

We had a customer send us some images of a job he done using our Terracotta Red tiles on their conservatory roof. It shows the process of how our tiles can be fitted to your existing roof. 

Just think how much time you could be saving by using LightWeight Tiles. 


Below are the images of the progress of our tiles overcloaking. 


Overcloaking Customer Testimonial 12Overcloaking Customer Testimonial 9Overcloaking Customer Testimonial 11Overcloaking Customer Testimonial 8Overcloaking Customer Testimonial3


I installed this product over an existing asbestos cement garage roof so needed something light but robust as we have lots of rain and trees. Can I say this is a fantastic product which was easy to install as an amateur (after conquering my dislike for clambering on roofs) and the finished roof is transformational and all support timbers show no excessive load bearings.

I am extremely pleased with the product and would recommend these tiles very highly.

- Vincent , Hindhead

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