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Quality Finish of Lightweight Roofing products

Quality Finish of Lightweight Roofing products! 

Our tiles are hand finished here in the factory by our production team. Perfect for converting flat roofs to pitched, pre-fabricated, over-roofing of asbestos and DIY projects.


We take pride in our products and manufacture them at a very high standard. Our granulated tiles are handled roughly seven times before they are received by yourself. So, as you can imagine a lot of time and effort go into producing the best quality product possible. Our smooth finished products don’t take as much time and effort as they are sold as they are. No hand finish is necessary.

We as a team are very proud of how far our tiles have come in the many years we've been manufacturing them. We pride ourselves in the detail of our quality finished products. 

This video shows just how strong and durable our tiles really are. 


Quality Finish of Lightweight Roofing products

We have confidence in our handmade product. 

Our focus is to continue manufacturing a high-quality roofing product for our customers for many years to come. 

Our services don't just stop once the order and production of the tiles have been completed. We keep in contact with our customer during the delivery process to ensure they are satisfied with the service they received. Customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Once our customers confirm they have received their order, we will then work with them by answering any questions that might appear when installing our products or any other questions they have. We then ask our customers to then email us a before and after image of their roof conversions, as we love to see our lightweight roofing system as a completed job and love seeing the customers hard work being appreciated. Our customers are just as proud of our lightweight roofing system as we are :) 

Once the job is completed and the customer is happy with everything, all we ask is for a little bit off feedback to be left on our Social Media sites and our website as this is key for the growth of our business.

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