LightWeight Tiles NEW Smooth Red Tiles


LightWeight Tiles NEW Smooth Red Tiles.

After the launch, back in 2013 of our budget black tiles the success and positive feedback has been phenomenal. The smooth black tiles have been so popular on sheds, and indeed any situation especially where an old felt has bubbled or ripped. One simply battens over the old felt, then fixes the new roof kit onto the battens and within a very short space of time a beautiful new long-lasting roof is created.



So having enjoyed a long period of selling these black budget tiles, we have introduced a brand new product.

We were asked from time to time if we did the same budget tiles but in terracotta or brown.

So, we have worked with our plastics supplier and have come up with the red/terracotta tile.

This product incorporates the same highest quality polypropylene as the base material. We have added an anti-fade component, to protect against fading and damage caused by UV on sunny days.

This new product looks great, and we are proud to say that already we have sold to several customers, all of whom are extremely happy.

These budget tiles are perfect for anyone who doesn’t need the granulated more expensive stone coated tiles.  




Our lightweight, eco-friendly roofing system is truly unique, the tiles slot together and are laid in a similar way to traditional tiles.There are five different components, the Ridge Tile, the Ridge End Cap, the Left and Right Dry Verge and the Pan Tile that all work together, in kit form, to produce a well-made Lightweight Roof. 

These un-granulated tiles have a smooth finish and a UV additive included in their production (making them UV stable). These lower cost red tiles are great for using to convert shed or garden building roofs as they are hard wearing. They are lighter in weight than the granulated version and also cheaper (that is why we call it the Budget Tile).

Please note the colours may appear slightly differently online than the true to life, if you're unsure on the colours why not order our sample pack here.   

Our tiles are quick and easy to install and previous Roofing experience is not essential. See our Installation Guidelines for more info.


Here is an up to date before and after image of a recent customers conservatory roof using our Smooth terracotta Red Tiles. 

IMG 20171026 102644 185

Many thanks for your prompt action with ref to my tile shortage the roof is now complete And looks brilliant I am very pleased with your product and have and will recommend your product in the future.

- Jack L , Cheltenham

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