The first application of LightWeight Tiles NEW Opaque Tile

opaque recycled rood tile on car port

The first application of LightWeight Tiles NEW Opaque Tile.

We have been asked by customers from time to time if we make a translucent tile for their veranda, or car port (see through). It's not possible for a translucent polypropylene incorporating both strength and longevity as used with all our products base material.

So, we have worked with our plastics specialists for some time on this.

We are proud to say that together we have developed a very strong top-quality polypropylene, to introduce our new product to the range.

These tiles are white in colour yet they allow natural light through. Please see our product on our home page. 

They are no way translucent however being white and allowing light through, they create a reflected light whilst allowing approx. 50 % of the natural sunlight through.

Below are some images directly from our director whilst installing the new opaque tiles on his lean to conservatory. 

Opaque Car Port BB 3 

As director of LWT Ltd I decided to make a lean to by the side of our house. I have added the pictures of the finished roof. We are so pleased with the result.

Opaque Car Port BB 4

Opaque Car Port BB

One can now successfully use our tiles on a lean-to type structure see other roofs section that stops pure blinding sun through, yet allows enough light through to give more than ample effect. This can be seen by the pictures of my new lean to that has just been built. 

The bonus was the fact that the window before the lean to was installed was the main source of natural light into our sitting room. We were worried that there would be a marked difference in the light levels into our sitting room. However, we were surprised to discover that our sitting room is now significantly brighter than before due to the white tiles.

Opaque Car Port BB inside increased light

These tiles will be perfect for those people wanting to say incorporate a 1 m² for example (3 tiles) onto their roof to allow light through (Brilliant when using the budget tile on a garden shed or summer house or veranda)

We have decided that we will not be manufacturing the end caps ridges and verge capping in the opaque material. These tiles are designed for the lean to or pent style roofs only. 

We will be delighted to answer any questions you may have please feel free to contact us 

I installed this product over an existing asbestos cement garage roof so needed something light but robust as we have lots of rain and trees. Can I say this is a fantastic product which was easy to install as an amateur (after conquering my dislike for clambering on roofs) and the finished roof is transformational and all support timbers show no excessive load bearings.

I am extremely pleased with the product and would recommend these tiles very highly.

- Vincent , Hindhead

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