what makes our lightweight tiles roofing system so unique? 


LightWeight Tiles Ltd manufacture and distribute our own lightweight roofing system, to the highest standard, and pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our recycled roofing tiles are made here in the UK by our family run business, and we have been producing and distributing our LightWeight roofing system for many years throughout the UK and Europe.


On a regular basis we have had customers thinking our tiles are the traditional style on a metal form pan tile...THIS IS NOT THE CASE! Please read more to find out what our products are made of and why they are so unique. 


What makes our products so unique?

What makes our products so unique is the fact they are made from polypropylene many of the advantages in using this material are well worth considering a choice of which roofing to use they can also be recycled, making them a brilliant, eco-friendly option. All our tiles are guaranteed for 25 years. From the numerous amounts of regular positive feedback, we get is that no special equipment needs to be used for cutting or bending as our tiles can simply be cut with a disc grinder or hand saw, there are no dangerous sharp edges or opportunities for rusting unlike metal tiles.

Furthermore, as we all become more conscious about our environment it's great to know that we have a roofing product that can be recycled, and that a percentage of the core material is made from recycled plastic. The strength of this material is very impressive its usage in the car and lorry industry for bumpers and car panels etc is a true quality and strength endorsement.

That's right! Our tiles are a recycled plastic pan tile...not metal!

This is how are Tiles begin...

Click on the image to find out what makes Our Black Budget LightWeight Tiles unique 

Smooth Budget Black Tiles

Smooth Budget Black Tiles

Smooth UV Red Pan Tiles

Smooth UV Red Pan Tiles

They are available for purchase in this finish. The information and pricing can be found here under our Smooth Budget Tiles and Smooth Red Tiles products section.

Each part of the roofing system is hand made. Even the top coating is applied by hand! the coating is a blend of tiny stone chips, which are uv resistant this gives a remarkably realistic stone finish. Our range of granulated products can be found using these links: 

Grey Granulated Products

Autumn Brown Products 

Terracotta Red Products 

Forest Green Products 

Barley Straw Products 

click on the image to find out more about Our Granulated LightWeight Tiles 

A close up selection of our Granulated LightWeight Roofing Tiles

A close up selection of our Granulated LightWeight Roofing Tiles

Due to the ultra-light weight system our product is tested and proven to perform down to 10 degrees we’ve had customers go down to 7 degrees. We take pride and confidence in our LightWeight Roofing System. 

Our tiles can also be walked on during the installation process or for maintenance without any risk of denting or creasing. There are also advantages when using our product in as much as condensation is not such an issue (metal attracts moisture more). The sound absorption is excellent, no 'tinny' sound from the rain hitting the tiles. The strength of our tiles can be seen in the below video. 

A brief insight to our LightWeight Roofing System 

An insight video to LightWeight Tiles products

More and more people are moving over to our products both stockists and DIY single use applications are beginning to realise the advantages of using our LightWeight Roofing System over other products on the market. One only needs to visit our website and read some of our latest customer testimonials to verify the confidence in our product. Our approved installers list is thriving,the more people are coming over to our products. 


Perfect for converting flat roofs to pitched, pre-fabricated, over-roofing of asbestos and DIY projects.

A clip on how our tiles can be used for over-cloaking 

A shortened time lapse of LightWeight Tiles being used for an over roof conversion

Not only are our lightweight roofing tiles very light and strong, but they are also simple to fit on a wide range of roofs especially conservatories. Our lightweight tiles are easy to saw and cut and with just some batons, a disc grinder, handsaw, a drill, a screwdriver and a handful of screws, you can completely renew your roof in just a couple of hours.


We contacted Lightweight tiles to request information on the Product The staff we very helpful and we arranged a visit to inspect the product Having given them the sizes of the conservatory that we wanted to re roof, we received a quotation for all the product to do the job. We collected the product which was shrink wrapped very well Following the installation advice on the web site it took us just 15 hours to strip off the old roof and install the new one It was very east to cut and fit the tiles All finishing end strips fit very well Any competent DIY person can do this We would recommend the product to anyone wishing to roof or re-roof any building Special Thanks to all personal for their valued assistance all through the process.We even received a credit for the few tiles that we did not use.

- Grenville S.

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