What to do when LightWeight Ridge Tiles meets the hips

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What to do when LightWeight Ridge Tiles meets the hips.

How can we seal or join ridge tiles to hips?


So we have a few customers ask us what do you do when you have a hip meet the ridge tile? How would you seal it? 

With thanks to some of our customers we can show you some examples of how they have sealed the join. 

One customer created a quick video for us showing how he cut the ridge tiles so they all joined and met at the middle point then sealed it using our Flexim Roof Putty. 

Another customer joined the ridge tiles to the hips using our Led alternative Ubiflex.  


Below are a few examples of our recent customer conservatories where they have a ridge tile meeting the hips. They have used both the Flexim Roof Putty and the Ubiflex. 

brown victorian pmhi

brown victorian pmhi 2

grey conservetory project 22

finised conservatory

conservetory brown tiles

conservetory 22 b

Once the Ridge tiles and the Hips meet and are sealed with either our Flexim Roof Putty or our Ubiflex you can then use our repair Touch up kits which includes 1 x tin of Lacquer and 1 x bottle of granules to go over the top to blend it in with the colour of the tiles you have chosen. 



The below image shows how the customer has used our Flexim Roof Putty and then sprinkled the Brown granules over the top to blend it in with the tiles. 

Brown P Shape with neat Hip meet t k prod




I will be ordering some more when I build a further building in our garden next Spring.

- Customer

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