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Warm Conservatory Roof Replacement - LightWeight Tiles

Warm Conservatory Roof Replacement - They Are Perfect For Winter Snow - LightWeight Tiles

Warm Conservatory Roof Replacement - LightWeight Tiles. Having a Lightweight Roof on your Conservatory is perfect for maintaining the temperature all year round but especially in extreme weather conditions. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The high volumes of snow that hit the UK earlier this week have caused a lot of chaos, on the roads and out and about. But, if you prefer to avoid it all and stay at home hiding from the snow it's important that you can stay warm. Having a Lightweight Tiled Conservatory Roof ensures that you can use your conservatory, no matter what the weather is doing

Warm Conservatory Roof Replacement - They Are Perfect For Winter Snow

The photo above was taken on 12th December by our Directors' parents during the latest snowfall. It was -6 degrees outside and although it was toastie and warm on the inside, the heat was not escaping through their Lightweight Tiled Conservatory Roof (otherwise the snow would have melted)

Warm Conservatory Roof Replacement - LightWeight Tiles

Warm Conservatory Roof Replacement - LightWeight Tiles


Approximately two years ago, my parents' decided to improve their conservatory as it had an old Polycarbonate Roof.
They were fed up with not being able to enjoy their conservatory throughout the year, as most of the time it was either way too hot or way too cold. It was also extremely bright, meaning that they had to wear sunglasses to reduce eye strain. During heavy rain the drumming sound on the roof was intolerable, these were the real reasons to improve the situation. They wanted to be able to spend as much time as possible in their conservatory so they could look out onto their beautiful garden, watch the birds, read their papers etc. The first step they made was to have blinds installed and this helped on sunny days. However, they were very expensive and difficult to keep clean. Plus, the blinds did not make an impact on the conservatories ability to hold in the heat during cold periods, nor stopping the drumming noise during heavy rain.
I wanted to be able to improve my parents' comfort and knew that, we (Lightweight Tiles) had already been supplying our lightweight roofing tiles, for several years, to a company called Warmseal Windows. They are based in Gloucester and have had great successes and lots of positive feedback.  I, therefore, contacted Warmseal Windows on my parents' behalf to see if they could help.
The guys from Warmseal, having completed a survey, decided that as the conservatory was very old (30 years old) it would be best to replace the complete roof. Although, in many cases, we have found that this is not always necessary. An 'over roof 'option is commonly used and saves money. (See our blog on "over cloaking") ..why knock down a perfectly good conservatory?
My parents’ lives have been transformed, to such a degree, that I felt compelled to write this blog.
It's been two years since Warmseal Windows finished the job at my parents' house. They are now able to spend most of the day, every day (yes, every day!), sat in their conservatory, totally happy and comfortable. The conservatory is still bright enough to enable them to read their papers, in natural light, but without the glare and need for sunglasses. The temperature, even on the coldest of days is a constant 24° C thanks to a simple 2-kW fan assisted heater. Thanks to the lightweight roof tiles and insulation, the warmth is maintained (as you can see from the photo above).
The fact that my parents spend most of the day in the conservatory means they do not need to have the central heating on elsewhere in the house or put the gas fire on in their lounge. They simply don’t need to bother now as they are content and warm sitting in their conservatory.
They have also noticed a significant reduction in the electricity, oil and gas bills too!
My Father is 90 and my Mother 88. It is so good to see them happy and relaxed. 
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. It’s not meant to sound biased, it's just an honest report of, one of the many applications for our lightweight roofing system. We are grateful that a large proportion of our sales are linked to conservatory roof replacement.
And thanks again to Warmseal Windows, who are now one of our Approved Installers. Find them at www.warmseal-windows.co.uk
You too can see how much it costs for the materials for your Conservatory Roof Replacement by using our Online Calculator.
Bruce Bennett
Lightweight Tiles Director

I had been looking for a few years for a new roof for my conservatory as it was too hot in summer and too cold in winter to use. I had had quotes over £11,000 for a new complete roof, removing the glass, which I thought was pointless. The glass acts as insulation and would be a huge waste of money because it would of been just thrown in the bin.

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I worked out that if I could find something lightweight and looked like the roof fitted to my house, it would be a great idea for the new roof. The weight loading for the conservatory was worked out to withstand the extra load of a few feet of snow, turned to ice, so I knew the extra weight of a lightweight roofing system would be fine.

I found Light Weight Tiles, http://www.lightweighttiles.co.uk/ by chance, on searching the net. When I saw that the tiles weighed in at 6 kg per square metre, I knew they were not a problem for my conservatory and with the choice of different finishes, I was able (having purchased the sample pack) to choose a tiles that matched my house roof.

I could of fitted the tiles myself but felt it was a better idea to use one of their recommended fitters.

After striking a great deal with the fitters, they came and did the job. It only took 6 hours to do my 28 square metre conservatory and it looked fantastic. I did have the inside done at the same time with simple white panelled pvc covering, which helped with deflect ting the light and finished the job off perfect.

I am so pleased with the finished roof and it has made our conservatory useable all year round.

I would highly recommend Light Weight Tiles to anyone wanting a simple, cheap and beautiful way to turn their conservatory into a useable room.

And the added bonus is, the tiles are made from recycled materials.

- P Fryer , Weston Super Mare

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