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Permavent Max All Zones Breathable Membrane

permavent max main 002
permavent max main 002 Pernmavent on Gazebo

£69.00 ex. VAT

  •     High performance breathable membrane
  •     Suitable for all wind zones regardless of fitting method
  •     Conforms to BS5534
  •     LABC registered
  •     3 layer membrane
  •     UV stable for 3 months
  •     For use on any types of roofing/walling applications
  •     Available in 1m x 50m


Permavent breathable membranes must be installed in accordance to BS 5534 Code of Practice. The installer must ensure compliance with the relevant building regulations.

The membranes are designed as a secondary barrier to wind driven rain / snow and should not be considered a primary waterproofing layer. Whilst they can withstand UV exposure for up to 3 months, it is best practice to install the primary waterproofing finish (e.g. slates, tiles etc) as soon as possible.

Permavent membranes must be installed the correct way up, with the Permavent logo printed side uppermost.

For tile and slate roof applications the membrane should be laid horizontally across the rafters starting at the eaves and secured in place with either batten or membrane tape.

Recommended Overlap

The minimum horizontal laps for this Permavent breathable membrane, in accordance to BS 5534:2014 + A2:2018, are:


Permavent membranes are suitable for use in all applications as described in BS 5534.

For use on all types of domestic and commercial roofing and walling applications, including:



NB, for more complex roofs, or where you have detailing; you will use more membrane:

  • Ridge lines - on a duo-pitch roof, the membrane overlaps 150mm on both elevations. 
  • Abutments (Wall/Chimneys) - the membrane continues up the vertical a min 75mm. 
  • Valleys- you will utilise more membrane depending on the complexity.


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Work out how many tiles you need for your roof conversion

Work out how many tiles you need for your roof conversion