Ubiflex Roll -Terracotta Red

Red B3 Ubiflex
Red B3 Ubiflex

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Ubiflex is a non lead flashing material which can be used in most applications where lead is traditionally installed. Ubiflex is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and recyclable. Ubiflex is only of value to the installer; it has no re-sale value as scrap. Available in grey and terracotta. Ubiflex B3 is suitable for use in a variety of applications such as cover flashings, step flashings, rooflite flashings, conservatory flashings and more. Ubiflex is the only flexible non lead flashing on the market with a BBA certificate for general use and a BRE wind tunnel test with Ubiflex B3 surrounding a chimney and sealed with Ubiflex Gap Seal, demonstrated that the flashing will resist wind speeds of up to 110mph (49m/s) without failing.

Made from modified polyethin compound with an aluminium mesh reinforcement.

This version is red in colour and is sold in a roll of 200mm x 6m (3.5mm Thick)



Why you ask? Below are some key facts for using our Ubiflex

  • No scrap value - no risk of theft
  • Saves time&money- up to 50% quicker to install than lead. 
  • No toxic risk - environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable 
  • 80% Lighter than lead - less risk of injury. 
  • BRE wind tunnel tested, BBA Certified and approved by NHBC
  • 25 Year guarantee 
This product has a lead time of 2 days

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Work out how many tiles you need for your roof conversion